Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Have you been giving the quality of air in your place of comfort an immense amount of consideration? Are you tired of worrying over the air your child is breathing? If not consider this -indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outside’s. Breathing problems and conditions like asthma have seen an exponential growth due to this. The best strategy to combat these problems and reduce indoor pollution is to invest in a purifying system. Ket offers two brands for you to pick. Choose the one that fits best within your needs.

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Sharp plasma Cluster

The Air purifier to beat all others. DENSO’s PlasmaCluster not only suppresses airborne viruses but also allergens. It reduces odour by breaking down components. The cutting technology, created in collaboration by DENSO and SHARP, produces and emits positive and negative ions, which discharge, thus reducing the action of airborne mould and other substances.

Fresh and comfortable air that is the promise of PlasmaCluster and it does not fail to deliver. The purifier is also has skin moisturizing effects.