Home Automation

Imagine switching on your patio light before you even reach your home. Imagine coffee brewing before you even open your sleepy eyes. Imagine a life of ease. Ket creates a home that works with just a touch. A home that operates without you lifting a single finger. Affordable and easy is the adage we stick to. We make your home do things you think were never possible. Lights. Power. Security. Daily Chores. You think it and we automate it. So that we do more while you do less.

Products We Deal with

Ket offers INKA systems for home automation. Because their systems are flexible they can be incorporated in both new and existing homes. We retrofit our system to your home with minimal modifications. The system allows you to stay connected with every gadget, appliance and equipment in your manor. With its user friendly interface controlling even the most complicated electrical appliance is as easy as switching off a switch.

For those who shirk manual work, we make it easy by letting you talk to your home. You can automate everything to work at predefined times like opening the blinds at 7 in the morning. You can even find out the amount of energy that has been consumed with our system, making you environmental friendly.

Using the system is as easy three steps:

  • Connect devices to the app.
  • Set automated Actions.
  • Let devices work smarter, together.

Life of ease is not for the discerning few. It is for each and every one of you. With our affordable products we provide comfort and handiness for every family, lifestyle within any budget.