Power Saving System

Power Saving System

When you are worried about adding to the carbon footprint of the world think Ket Innovative solutions. We offer a four pronged approach to power saving – Monitor, Analyse, Save and Alert. We build not only smart homes but smarter wallets too. By saving energy you not only save the environment, make the planet greener but also save on money.

How the Power Saving System Works?

Key Features in Power Saving System



With our products first we keep a tab on the current energy consumption in each room of your home. We observe which device is using the most and where is the energy being wasted. We scrutinize every inch possible. Things like the Air conditioner left on or lights blazing in an empty room are noted.


Then we create a crystal clear and detailed chart of the energy consumed in the past. We anaylse the charts and graphs to plot the best way forward. This gives you the opportunity to control your energy consumption and to be more effective in power saving.


Our solution alerts you to lights left on or AC’s working needlessly. We check for you for open windows and doors that make temperature controllers inefficient. We also time devices for you to make better use of lighting and power.

Power Saving

Save, save, save. Those are the three words we say ad nauseam. Energy and resources are limited. The best way to ensure they last is to keep usage at minimum. Ket offers you the chance to save as much as forty percent of your power consumption. All it takes is to use our system.