Who We Are

Trust. Respect. Grow.

About Us

The journey of Ket Innovative Solutions began with the aim to make secure homes in Tirunelveli. We started with creating security systems for schools and hospitals and then ranged into customs and central excise. From surveillance cameras to creating smart homes for perfect living, Ket Innovative Solutions now works to make life easy for you. We also offer a healthier lifestyle by providing air purifiers and interconnected communication systems.
The men behind the powerful firm our Mr. Esai Kumar and Mr. G.Max Prince, both of whom have worked tirelessly to create a globally renowned firm. Armed with an MBA and years of experience, Max Prince along with Esai has shed blood, sweat and tears to create Ket Innovative from ground up. They have a passion for business and believe in learning from their mistakes.
Quality is tantamount to good ethics for Ket Innovative. Commitment is prestigious for us. Once we give our word we always deliver. We work towards the mission of building not only a paramount firm but a good relationship with all stakeholders.


Max Prince

📱 +91 96 55 96 66 98
✉️ ketinnovative@gmail.com

Max Prince is the traditional brains of the firm with his post graduate degree and an inherent quality to study everything before beginning. Max, who is married and has children, also understands the value of loyalty and creating a family out of everyone involved.


Esai Kumar

+91 96 26 36 36 57 📱
ketinnovative@gmail.com ✉️

Esai Kumar is the charm and skill behind the firm. With his ingrained management skills and an inborn quality of putting people at ease, Esai has that charisma needed to take a business forward. He has an open mind and is always ready to listen to the other side of the story making him an easy person to work with.